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Okay. So I am a huge fucking Foo Fighters fan.  And Taylor Hawkins and Dave Grohl are seriously, the shit.  Not because they're secretly gay together (which they've even alluded, but I always have a tendency to get the lyrics fucked up. 

Now, the title, which was taken from Learn to Fly (which is my favorite Foo Fighters song, and possibly in general, of all time), I always though it was Evolution, not revolution.  Can someone clarify that for me? 

But anyway.  

I just can't get enough of Tay in drag.  The boy willingly does it for their videos and it just makes his existence awesome.  Oh yeah, and the lightening speed drumming helps of course, too.  

Title - Hook Me Up A New Revolution
Fandom-Foo Fighters
Pairing - Dave Grohl/Taylor Hawkins
Rating - R
Summary - Dave likes Taylor in drag.  
Warnings - Um...crossdressing. Because, come on, it's Taylor.

Hook Me Up A New Revolution


Pairing: Dave/Taylor.

Rating: R. Could very well move to an NC-17.

Plot: Dave likes Taylor in drag. A lot. Learn to Fly, may flashback to Everlong in the second half. If there is one.


“Oh would you just knock it the fuck off, Mr. Nirvana?”

Dave doubled over, laughing.

“I’m sorry. It’s just….” he burst into laughter again.

Taylor dead eyed him.

“I swear, D, if you make one more comment about it, I’m gonna fucking kill you.”

Dave wiped tears away.

“Sorry, man. I just…damn…you make the most convincing woman ever!”

He ducked an oncoming high heel and started giggling again.

Taylor tugged angrily at the red wig. He growled, and then snapped his gum loudly. Dave finally settled, and watched as Taylor slid down his seat, spread eagle in the skirt, allowing Dave a full view. The singer’s eyes widened, and Taylor smirked devilishly.

“Jesus, Taylor, I know you’re anti-underwear and all, but the least you could do is to wear some to the video shoots.”

Taylor’s smirk widened and Dave smiled.

“I can see your balls.”

Taylor slammed his legs closed, sitting back up in the seat, crossing his legs. He spit out his gum, and then lit up a cigarette. Dave watched as Taylor stuck the heel back on and then pulled the skirt back down. Dave smiled.

“You know-”

Taylor wagged the cigarette at him.

“Don’t start.”

“I was just going to compliment you on the nice rack. Are they real?”

Dave ducked two flying heels this time, and cracked up laughing. He tossed them back to the drummer, and he watched as Taylor looked down at his chest. He poked the fake boobs, then squeezed them for effect. He smirked.

“They do look pretty fucking real, don’t they?” Dave nodded.

“Yeah. Too bad we didn’t have them for Everlong.”

Taylor laughed.

“Well, at least we don’t have to sleep together in this one.” He shot a small, knowing smile at Dave. Dave glanced around the set, then looked back at him, discretely slipping a hand down Taylor’s thigh. He watched as the drummer hissed his name, and he slid his hand away. Taylor flinched as he was called.

“What the fuck do you want?” Dave snorted, watching as Taylor went to go film his bit in one of the sections on the fake plane.

He watched, smirking as Taylor did every take as feminine as possible.

“Yeah Taylor!” he called. The drummer glanced at him while pretending to be on the phone.

“All assholes by the name of Dave Grohl please report to the front of the plane! You‘re needed in the cockpit!” The crew cracked up, rolling playback again, and Taylor did one more take, doing plane take-off safety rules. He stood, and Dave clapped, standing. Taylor curtsied clumsily at the director, and he laughed.

“Great job, Tail. You can get out of that dress for a while, now. But you know, the rest of the band seems to like you in the boobs.”

“Cause we’ve been on the damn road so long we rarely see ‘em,” Dave said with a smile, reaching out to cup the fake breasts, and Taylor rolled his eyes, tipping his head back in annoyance. He slapped at the guitarists hands, but laughed when he saw the caveman faces Dave was making. Taylor swiftly hit him upside the head.

“Oh let it go, Grohl.” Dave laughed, pulled Taylor into a tight hug and smacking him on the ass. Taylor looked around.

“Anyone looking?” Dave whispered.

Taylor shook his head.

Dave pulled him tighter violently.

“My room. After we’re done. Don’t take off the dress.”

Taylor shivered, nodding. He felt Dave’s hand slide down his ass and slowly pull the skirt up. His hand ran up and down one nyloned thigh, and Taylor felt his breath catch. Dave pulled away, smirking and Taylor sucked his lips in, watching him. He smiled, watching Dave walk away and onto the set, following the older man with his eyes. He bounced giddily in his heels, and tugged self-consciously on his skirt. He smiled weakly at bypassing crew. One asked if he had to pee and he said no. He just continued to smile moronically.

Tonight was going to be great.  

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