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So, I would like to personally thank All Time Low for single-handedly bringing me back into Bandom.  Thanks, guys. Really...twelve fics later...sheesh...Anyways, I have a lovely beta now who is so full of win it's not funny, and hopefully more stuff will be going up shortly. Actually, now that I think about it, the actual total of fics is well beyond twelve. I have about four I need to type up that were written while my computer decided it was going to like...die. Thank you, inventor of the external harddrives. ILY!


So, for the time being, I'mma post the first one. 

What were those layouts again? Dude, it's been forever.


Title -Slow Burn
Fandom-All Time Low
Pairing - Alex Gaskarth/Jack Barakat
Rating - NC-17
Summary -After show sex. Mmmhmmm... 
Warnings - Um...boysex
Dedication: To my partner in crime; the Alex to my Jack; the Snitch to my Skittery; and everything in between. Mah wahf, who, without her, I wouldn’t have mah bukkit of smexorz. And her sexytiems stories give me inspirations. So, I guess this is dedicated to the boyfriend, too. Lolz.

And my awesome new Beta![ profile] katelynelaine  'Cuz she's da besht.



It started off as a slow burn. Alex slid a hand up Jack’s shirt, and then slid it around to slide into the back of his jeans. He pulled his head away from Jack’s neck, a breathy laugh escaping his lips.

“Any tighter and these would be have to be cut off.”

Jack smiled, leaning his head back against the wall, large eyes rolling upward, only to close as Alex cupped his ass suddenly. He ground up into him, causing Alex to laugh a little. Alex returned to his neck, nipping at the spot beneath his ear. Jack shuddered in his hands, breathing out a soft moan. He slid his own hands against Alex’s chest, scrabbling at his tee shirt. The singer smiled against his neck, smacking his hands away.

“Uh-uh . . ."

“Alexxx . . .” came the soft whine. Alex pulled away, resting his forehead against Jack’s, bumping his nose.

“Show me how bad you want it.”

Jack growled, long and low in his throat. Alex leaned down, pressing a hot open mouthed kiss against his throat.

“Do that again,” he commanded. Jack complied and Alex sucked at his neck as the vibrations rippled through the skin. “Mm . . . that’s fucking hot . . .” He licked a stripe up to Jack’s earlobe, sucking it into his mouth.

“Al . . . Alex . . .” came the breathless whimper. Jack pulled the older boy’s head up, capturing him in a bruising kiss. Alex pressed into him, palming him through his jeans.

“Let me fuck you,” he whispered into his mouth, “please?”

Jack groaned audibly, rocking violently against him. Alex slammed him back into the wall, biting harshly at his collarbone. He laughed softly as Jack grunted and shot him a dirty look.

“They’ll hear, shush . . .”

“God, Alex…”

“You’re so fucking loud,” Alex said, a laugh evident in his breathless exhale. Jack’s hands came up again, this time going for Alex’s crotch, but the singer pinned them against the wall by his shoulders.

“Don’t make me-”

“You wouldn’t, Gaskarth.” Alex smirked, looking down out the corner of his eye, leaning forward and pressing his forehead against the younger’s.

“I would and you know it.”

“You can’t!” Jack gasped, voice cracking slightly.

“Oh, I can, Barakat. But I think fucking you so bad you can’t walk would be better than tying you up and denying you . . . ” He punctuated the sentence with kisses up Jack’s neck, breath hot against his skin. He felt Jack shudder and pound his hands against the wall in frustration. Alex took the moment to ruck Jack’s shirt up and set about kissing his chest. Jack pushed him away, and Alex shot him a questioning look.

“You . . . let me . . . ” Jack whispered, shutting his eyes, trying to catch his breath as Alex played with his nipples, an innocent look on his face.

“What’s that?”

“Damn it, Gaskarth,” Jack whimpered as Alex tweaked a nipple hard.

“I love ith when that lipth comes out,” he joked mildly, feeling Jack whine and smack him. Alex smiled, rearing up to his full height and pushing against him. “I think it’s sexy as hell,” he growled. Jack smirked, his chest heaving as he breathed.

“I want you so bad . . .” Alex growled, hands coming up to cup Jack’s face, and he claimed his mouth again, biting his lip as he pulled away.

“We need a bed,” Jack gasped.

“Fuck that, I’m doing you right here,” Alex mumbled against his neck, fingers deftly undoing Jack’s fly. He sank to his knees, hearing Jack let go of a soft cry, and feeling thin fingers came down to tangle in his blond strands.

Jack slammed himself back into the wall, bucking gently as Alex took him in his mouth. Hot, wet velvet enveloped him and he felt his knees buckle. Alex’s hands steadied him, sliding up, palms splayed and fingers skimming the denim of his jeans, bunching in the fabric of his boxers. White teeth scraped along his dick, and he fought back a moan, fisting a hand and jamming it into his mouth to keep from moaning. Alex swallowed around him, and then continued, bobbing until he felt Jack tense up. He slid back up, biting at his nipples as he went, and then wrapped lithe fingers around Jack’s erection. A few short twists and Jack came, moaning into Alex’s mouth as their lips found each other again. Alex shook his hand off, wiping it off on his own jeans, and then he smiled, flipping Jack around. Jack caught himself against the wall, hands up. The singer tugged Jack’s jeans and boxers down further, undoing his own fly and releasing himself. He brought fingers up to Jack’s mouth, letting him suck on them and shuddering as Jack deliberately scraped his teeth along the digits.

Alex leaned forward, moaning softly into Jack’s shoulder as he squeezed his ass before finding his destination and pushing his fingers into Jack.

Jack bit his lip, keening softly as Alex scissored him. A soft noise later and Alex bit at his ear.

“You’re already set, aren’t you?”

Jack nodded. “Been set all day,” he replied, pushing down onto his fingers. Alex nosed his neck.

“That’s my boy,” he whispered, seduction heavy in his voice. Alex made quick work of adding spit into his hand to Jack’s, and he slicked himself before pushing into him roughly. Jack hit the wall, Alex biting into his shoulder.

“Fuck- ing hell, Al- ex . . . ” Alex laughed softly at the halted words, punctuated by his thrusts.

“Moan for me,” he whispered.

“Alex . . . ”

“Moan for me, bitch; loud enough that they can hear.”

Jack grunted before letting a low, guttural moan escape.

“Now, make it a real one.”

Jack bit back a laugh, wincing at a particularly hard thrust.

“Do it!” Alex hit a spot in him and he moaned, long and loud. He bore down on him, and he felt Alex seize up, his thrusts becoming jerky and out of rhythm. The singer shuddered behind him, biting down hard on his shoulder. Jack winced at the pain, shutting his eyes as Alex rested his forehead against his neck, breathing hard during one final, shuddering thrust. “Oh god . . .” he moaned.

Jack stood still for a moment, allowing the rush to take over. Alex slumped against him, reaching around and finding Jack still hard. He squeezed, tugging a few times, feeling Jack come again. He wiped his hand off on Jack’s shirt, feeling Jack shake in silent laughter. “Fuck . . .” the guitarist whispered.

Alex nodded, smiling. “I know, right?”

“That was amazing . . ."

“I know, right?”

“I think I might have seen god.”

“No, just me,” Alex quipped, “though, I am pretty awesome.”

Jack rested his forehead against the wall, wiping sweat out of his eyes.

“I know, right?” he mocked.

“Fuck you.”

“Just did.”

“Asshole.” Alex turned him around, bumping his nose against Jack's, hands redoing his fly up.

“Think they heard?”

“Yeah, we’ll be hearing about it later.” Alex smiled at him affectionately, before leaning in and wrapping his arms around him.

“I fucking love you, you know that?”

Jack patted his back, sinking into the embrace.

“Yeah, yeah; you get sappy after our sessions.”

“But I do, I really do.”

Jack brushed some of the blond strands out of Alex’s eyes. “I do, too.”

Alex beamed tiredly at him. “I love when you moan,” he whispered. He nuzzled Jack gently, blowing a raspberry on his neck. Jack giggled and Alex pulled away. He leaned back in, kissing him sweetly, hand coming up to rest on Jack’s cheek. They stood for a second, reveling in each other, playing with the other’s hair before they heard the catcalls and whistles.

“FUCKING-A, YOU GUYS!” Alex looked up, seeing Zack making obscene thrusting gestures at them.

“Fuck you, Merrick! I WANT TO HEAR THE NOISES YOU MAKE LATER WITH RIAN!” They both laughed as Rian pulled a face next to Zack. He punched Zack in the shoulder lightly and they shook their heads.

Alex turned back to Jack, seeing the guitarist sleepily smile at him.

“I fucking love after shows, don’t you?”


“Hey.” Alex prodded him gently.


“Do you think the microphones were still on?”


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