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Title: Brokeback (S/A)
Fandom: All Time Low (Crew and Band)
Author: [ profile] jabberwocky129 
Rating: NC-17, though, as most of my fics come, a soft one at that.
Warnings: Well, let's see here: voyeuristic type stuff...underage drinking...flannel...yeah, that about covers it.
Disclaimer: Does not own. Does not want to be sued. Kthx.
Pairing: Flyzik/Grieco, Jack/Alex
Plot: Grieco and Flyzik hook up during Alex and Rian’s Halloween party. Dressed as cowboys. Mmhm…Thanks, mah wahf, for the Brokeback idea.
Notes and Dedications: Sooo...I apologize if you like the movie Brokeback Mountain. I bawled my eyes out at it, but dude, there's just so much to use...   As for dedications, my loverly beta, ms. [info]katelynelaine  


“WHO WANTS TO TAKE A SHOT OFF OF MY GORGEOUS ASS?!” yelled a very inebriated Alex Gaskarth. He tugged on his skirt awkwardly, and then flipped the wig back, looking around and draining another shot from his bottle of liquor.

Matt Flyzik choked on his beer as Jack stumbled his way over to the front man, hand up. The younger man was dressed as Lisa, wearing tight jeans and one of the poor girl’s tops. His wig had gone missing; Matt suspected Vinny was wearing it at the moment, but he couldn’t tell in the dim lighting. The manager took a sip as he watched them, seeing Alex giggle and shove Jack away. The guitarist staggered, and then proceeded to fall flat on his ass. Matt shook his head as Alex leaned down, pulling Jack up and dusting him off. He pressed his nose into Jack's cheek and Jack dug his fingers into Alex's sides, making the blond squirm and laugh.

Matt drained his beer, adjusting the child-sized red felt cowboy hat on his head. Cold glass pressed into his hand and he looked up, seeing Rian uncapping the beer for him.

“Thanks, dude.” Rian nodded, hopping over the couch in his incredibly tight cop uniform. He took a healthy swig off his drink and gestured at Alex and Jack.

“Figured you’d need another, watching the wonder twins here.”

Matt turned back to Alex and Jack, who were now whispering to each other. Alex was blatantly groping the younger man, and Jack responded with a nip to Alex’s neck. He whispered something, a wide smile on his face, and Alex let out a loud laugh. H grabbed Jack’s arms, pulling him in and kissing him sloppily on the lips.

Matt felt heat rush through him at the sight and he turned away. He lifted his glass, glancing anywhere but the two, and drained half in one shot. He quirked an eyebrow, inadvertently doing a headcount.

“Hey, Ri?”


“Where’s Grieco?” Rian shrugged, and Matt heard him smack something hard. He looked up behind the couch, seeing Alex holding up Jack. The singer was rubbing his backside.


“What’s up, dude?” Rian asked. Jack smiled dopily at them, swaying and clinging to Alex. Matt couldn’t help a smile as Alex pressed his nose into Jack’s cheek again.

“Hey, Rian? Rian? Think we . . . think we could; um . . . use the guest room?” Alex asked, not bothering to turn out of Jack’s cheek as he spoke.

Rian and Matt exchanged looks and Rian laughed, adjusting his shorts. “Alex?”


“You live here too, dude. Why not your own room?”

Alex looked at him blankly for a second, and Matt could almost hear the realization dawning on him; complete with angel choruses.

“OH, RIGHT!” He toddled off, leaving Jack to hang onto the couch for dear life. Rian and Matt watched him for a second, seeing him stare longingly at Alex as he left.

“How’s it going, Jacko?” Matt asked, smiling. The guitarist swayed unsteadily and smiled at the older man. He mumbled something, grin never fading. Rian and Matt both laughed. Rian cocked his head.

“What was that, dude?” Jack mumbled again, looking off toward the rooms and Rian looked at Matt. “You catch any of that?”

Matt shrugged, shaking his head. “I think he’s officially hit the patented Barakat Too-Drunk-For-English-Right-Now phase.”

Rian snorted, finishing off his beer.

There was a short shriek, a door slam, and then Alex came careening out of the hallway that leads to the rooms. He clung to Jack, then got close to the drummer’s face, shaking his head at him with a goofy look.

“Zack’s in my room,” he muttered, pressing his face back into Jack’s cheek. “ . . . We’ll . . . Um . . . We’ll be in the guest room . . . if you need us, ‘kay?”

Matt raised his beer to them and Rian waved as Alex grabbed Jack and dragged him back toward the room. Kara slid into Rian’s lap next to him and Matt shook his head, pulling his cowboy hat further down his face.

A chorus of “GRIECO!” went up over the party and Matt’s head shot up.

“Fucking finally . . .” he mumbled, getting up. He patted Rian on the shoulder and Rian nodded to him. Matt looked out over the crowd, seeing Grieco’s dark hair and normally bored look as he hugged his way into the group. Matt waved, rearing up to his full height and standing tip-toe. Grieco’s eyes lit on his and he broke out into a grin. Matt bit his lip, sucking on his labret as he waited patiently for the younger man to appear. Grieco finally pushed his way out of the crowd and Matt burst into laughter.

Grieco was dressed similarly, sporting a cowboy hat that hung down his back, string tied around his throat, and a plaid shirt. He pointed at Matt, giggling.

“Dude.” Matt drained his beer, handing it off to Evan as he passed and he pulled Grieco into a friendly hug. He lingered for a second.

“One more week, dude,” the younger man said, muffled by Matt’s shoulder.

Matt pulled away, holding him at arm’s length. “Let me get you refreshment.” Grieco watched as he darted into the kitchen, and then came back holding out a juice box. “Here, you underage bitch.”

“What the fuck, Matt?” Grieco asked, pointing to the box.

Matt giggled. “C’mon, beer’s in the kitchen.” He grabbed his wrist, leading him to the counter and he grabbed a beer from the fridge. He grabbed a bottle opener and undid the cap, handing it to him. They clinked beers and Matt watched Grieco’s throat as he swallowed the first swig of beer.

“So, where are the guys?”

Matt rubbed his neck. “Well, Zack’s doing . . . something in Alex’s room, Rian’s out here with Kara, and Jack and Alex are in the guest room.”

Grieco rolled his eyes, setting his beer down.

“HEY BROKEBACK! GET ME ANOTHER BEER!” Vinny called. Grieco flipped him off and Matt laughed. He pulled his hat off and loosened the red scarf around his neck. Grieco pointed at him.

“Nice outfit.” He smiled at him and Matt flushed. He lifted his beer. “You look hotter than I do.”

Matt nearly choked, sending a spray of beer onto the counter. “What now?”

“Just saying, the shirt fits you well.”


Grieco took another drink, and then twirled his finger around. Matt quirked his eyebrow.


“Do a little spin for me, Jake.”

Matt squawked, rolled his eyes, and then turned. “Who said I was Jake Gyllenhall?”

Grieco shrugged and smirked. “But you do look better than I do.”

Matt shook his head. “You do the cowboy thing way better.”

He set his beer down, the alcohol washing away any nervousness he had left. He sidled up to the younger man. They shared a quick, shy smile, and Grieco slid over until he was shoulder to shoulder with him. He put his head on his shoulder.

Rian yelled as he came barreling into the kitchen followed by a drunken Vinny Vegas. “We’re doing shots, Brokeback!”

“Stop fucking calling us that,” Matt mumbled. Rian shrugged, producing a bottle of dark liquor.

“We’re doing shots,” he repeated. He lined up three shot glasses in front of them. He uncapped the bottle with a smile and poured.

“We’re toasting. Here’s to the last tour!” They all grabbed the glasses and downed the shots, each making a face. They slammed them down. Rian nodded and poured the next round.

“To the next tour!” Vinny yelled. They all tapped their glasses and Matt stood for a second, thinking. The buzz was starting to take effect. A hard thump followed by Jack’s unmistakable voice crack from behind the wall, and Matt laughed, grabbing his glass and nodding.

“To the beautiful ass babies Jack and Alex will have.” The other three doubled over, choking on their shots.

“The beautiful . . . blond, big headed, big nosed, ass babies.” Rian doubled over, face streaked with tears. Vinny was at the sink, spitting into it, still laughing. Matt felt Grieco fall into him and he was suddenly very aware of the heat from the younger man. He patted him on the back and he felt Grieco wrap his arms around his waist. The younger man pushed his face into his neck and Matt shivered as he felt his breathless laugh ghost over his skin.

Rian held up the bottle. “Who’s up for more?!”


A half hour later, Matt found himself pressing the younger crew member against a wall in the hallway. Thin hands ran up his chest and snaked up his neck. His hat was pushed off his head. The thin fingers found their way into his shirt and pulled apart the buttons. Matt pressed his lips against Grieco's, poking his tongue into Greico’s mouth. The younger man allowed him access and followed with a quick grind. Matt laid his weight into him.

“Too fucking long, Flyzik,” Grieco groaned. Matt laughed drunkenly against his neck. He slid his hand up Grieco’s shirt. The drum tech bit at his ear and Matt groaned, falling against him slightly.

“Bedroom . . . as soon as the hallway stops spinning.” Grieco laughed, pushing off against the wall. He hauled the tour manager up, kissing him. He fumbled along the wall, dragging Matt along, not breaking the kiss. He groped blindly, finding a doorknob and he twisted it, pushing it open. Matt went after his neck and he moaned softly as they entered the room.

“’Sup, guys?” They both stilled and turned. They were met with the sight of Alex straddling Jack, pinning his hands up over his head. They were both missing various parts of their costumes, and Alex’s wig was discarded by the dresser. Jack was flushed and breathing heavily, struggling weakly beneath him, making soft noises. Alex smiled at them, sliding a hand up to Jack’s lips and hushing him without breaking eye contact with Grieco and Matt. Matt slid his arms around Grieco’s waist, watching. He started to suck on Grieco’s neck, eyes never leaving the sight on the bed before him. They watched as Alex flushed deeply, laying more of his weight on Jack. He saw Jack lift his hips some, squeaking. His eyes were set on the two at the door. Alex swallowed. “Well, shut the door, bro,” Alex managed, voice cracking.

Matt shut the door with his foot. He watched as Alex kept his eyes on them, but leaned down, licking a stripe up Jack’s exposed chest. The dark haired boy looked down at Alex, made a soft noise, and then looked back at them. He lifted his hips again and Alex pushed him back to the bed.

Grieco breathed out heavily, and Matt pressed against him, already hard. He felt Matt slide his hand into the front of his pants and slip through his boxers. The warm fingers wrapped around his cock and he leaned his head back on Matt’s shoulder.

Alex and Jack watched them from the bed. Alex had released one of Jack’s wrists and he was languidly running his hand through Alex’s hair.

Grieco pulled Matt onto the second bed and he tugged at his shirt. Matt sat back on his heels, undoing it the rest of the way and then stripped himself of the white tee shirt underneath. His kicked his shoes off, and then leaned down, fingers deftly undoing Grieco’s fly and pulling his jeans down. Grieco pulled Matt’s hat from around his neck, and untied the scarf. Matt pushed up Grieco’s shirt, leaning down and biting at his chest.

Jack ground up into Alex as he watched, and Alex looked down, smiling. He grabbed Jack’s chin, pulling until he could lean down and kiss him. He brushed his hair back, only for Jack to surge upward, wrapping a leg around him and grinding upwards.

“Matt?” Alex called softly. The tour manager looked up, Grieco’s lip between his teeth.


“There’s foils in the drawer.” Matt looked down at Grieco, and then smirked. He leaned over, fumbling for the drawer and, after several seconds, managed to get it open. He pulled out a condom.

“Do you guys need-”

“Nope,” Alex mumbled, sliding a hand up Jack’s arm and meshing it into his hair. He tugged roughly and Matt swallowed thickly.

“You sure?”

“We have an agreement,” Alex muttered, attacking Jack’s neck. Matt sat up, freeing himself of his boxers, and Grieco moved a hand down, gently running his fingers up his erection. Matt bit the wrapper, tearing it open with his teeth, and then quickly pulled it out and rolled it on.

“Here,” Alex said. Matt looked up, and he caught the lotion as Alex threw it to him. He watched, transfixed as Alex threw himself into a flurry of movement on top of the younger boy. He watched as a hand disappeared and Jack squirmed hard, grunting and shutting his eyes. They watched as Alex waited, and then Jack nodded slowly.

Matt looked down at Grieco, and then poured a liberal amount of lotion onto his hand. He slicked himself up, and then yanked Grieco’s boxers down in one swift move.

“Jesus . . .” the younger boy breathed. Matt leaned down, kissing him, and then leaned his forehead against his.

“Do you need me . . . to, uh . . .”

“No, just fucking do it.”

Matt nodded. “Good.” They both shivered as Jack moaned, long and low. Matt heard Alex laugh softly and whisper something to him. Jack keened quietly, and Matt turned in time to watch Jack pull Alex harder into him. The singer gasped and Matt felt Grieco moan softly under him.

He turned back to him, and Grieco turned himself over. Matt ran his hands lightly over his ass, and then slid over him. He took his time, lining himself up.


“Just. Fucking. MOVE, YOU IDIOT!” Matt smiled and pushed in. Grieco gasped and his fingers bunched in the pillow case and the sheets. Matt let out a heavy breath, and then found a rhythm. He could vaguely hear the bed next to theirs squeak. Jack’s gasps were getting sharper; soft breathy moans of “Alex,” and varying obscenities.

The tour manager slid a hand between Grieco and the bed and wrapped his fingers around his cock. He tried tugging in time to his thrusts, causing Grieco to gasp hard. The younger man bore down on him, biting his lip and shutting his eyes.

Matt felt a shockwave rip through him and he choked, stilling above him. He felt the orgasm crash over him and he bit roughly into Grieco’s shoulder. The younger man cried out, thrusting hard into Matt’s hand and he followed shortly after; matching Jack and Alex in pitch as they both finished beside them.

Both pairs collapsed to their beds and lay panting. Matt heard Jack mumbled something incoherently.

“What?” Alex asked quietly.

Matt and Grieco both looked over as Jack repeated himself and Alex nodded.

“Yeah, it was, wasn’t it?”

Matt slowly kissed Grieco before turning to Alex.

The blond was collapsed on top of the guitarist. The younger of the two’s skin was coated in sweat and his hair was sticking to his forehead. He pulled Alex into a gentle kiss and mumbled something again.

Alex giggled, running fingers along his chest.

“Yeah, they totally should.”

Matt laid his head on Grieco’s back and he lazily flailed a hand at them, still trying to catch his breath.

“How the fuck do you understand him?”

Alex and Jack both laughed and Alex nodded. “Years of practice.”

Grieco flipped himself around under Matt and let him lay on him. He ran a hand up his back, thin fingers skimming over muscle and spine. Matt looked up at him, smiling.

“Just think . . . we have two months of tour to repeat tonight.”

Grieco laughed, nodding. “Thank god, I couldn’t wait anymore.”

Matt kissed his neck, pinching a nipple and the younger man squeaked, pushing at him lightly. Matt held fast, shutting his eyes. Jack giggled next to them, and they both turned, seeing the other two looking at them, smiles plastered across blissful expressions. Jack’s face scrunched up and he giggled again.

“What?” Grieco asked, a slow smirk spreading on his face.

“We were wondering if you two really were fucking,” Jack said.

“First coherent thing you’ve said all night, Barakat.”

Jack flipped him off and Alex grabbed his wrist, pinning it back to the bed as he nuzzled his chest.

“Alex had to fuck the drunk out of me.”

The blond looked up. “Did it work?”

Jack rolled large eyes up, then shook his head. “Um . . . still buzzed.”

The singer grinned, sitting up some. “Want to try for round three?”

Matt and Grieco exchanged looks. “Round three?”

Alex nodded. Matt laughed and sat up some, reluctantly pulling out of Grieco’s embrace.

“Think Ri will mind if we pass out in his room?”

Alex shook his head as he bit at Jack’s already bruising neck. Grieco sat up, grabbing his pants and tugged them on. Matt shrugged on his shirts and grabbed his hat, going to sit on the bed where Alex paused in his biting of Jack’s ribs to look up at him. Matt fiddled with the hat for a second before plopping it onto Alex’s head.

Jack snorted and pulled the string tight under Alex’s chin. He mumbled something and Matt laughed as Alex smacked him in the chest.

“My head is SO not that big.” Matt got up, shaking his head and he pulled Grieco off the bed. He slid his arms around his waist and he looked back at the two on the bed as he opened the door. They both waved at them, and Matt heard Alex let out a feral growl as he shut the door. Matt pushed Grieco up against the wall gently, kissing him.


The two both flipped him off and headed toward Rian’s room. Matt cautiously opened the door and, when he saw it was vacant, tugged the younger man inside. They collapsed to the bed, immediately curling into one another.

“One more week,” Matt whispered.


“And then we can fuck as much as those two.” Grieco snorted, and Matt could feel him smile against his neck. The younger man looked up, tracing Matt’s jaw line, and he passed a fingertip over his labret. Matt shut his eyes and pulled him closer.

“Night, kiddo.”

“Night, Matt.”

There was a soft intake of breath, then-

“I wish I could quit you.”


“Oh, fuck off.”






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