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Birthdate:Apr 15
Location:New Jersey, United States of America
Website:Slash/Writing Journal
I decided to post my writing. And I waited ages to do it. And now, it is done. Lol.

This is the creative journal for jabberwocky129.

This is SLASH. That is the warning for right now. Everything in this journal will be slash unless otherwise noted.


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action reaction, actionreaction, alan rickman, all-american rejects, almost famous, aqua teen, archery, ass tag, audrey hepburn, avenged sevenfold, band slash, battle royale, big bad voodoo daddies, bill and ted, billie joe armstrong, bisexuality, books, brendon urie, brian haner jr., bright eyes, butch walker, casey affleck, catcher in the rye, cheese, chris marquette, chuck palahniuk, cigarettes, csi slash, csi:, dancing, dave grohl, detroit rock city, diners, dirt, double-sided tape, drummers, dvds, edward furlong, faces of death, family guy, fanfiction, fencing, fight club, film, foo fighters, frank iero, fred astaire, garth nix, gerard way, ginger snaps, gir, green day, greg sanders, greg/nick, guitarists, hayden christiansen, high school musical, horror movies, invader zim, jade puget, james wan, jamie bell, jamiroquai, jason mraz, jhonen vasquez, jon walker, jonathan tucker, jthm, jumper, jwalk, kett turton, leigh whannell, linkin park, lord of the flies, m. shadows, macros, masters of horror, matt sanders, mike dirnt, movies, music, my chemical romance, nachos, new orleans, newsies, nick stokes, nick wheeler, nine inch nails, panic! at the disco, patd, patrick fugit, pecker, philadelphia, photoshop, pictures, pierre bouvier, pierre/david, poppy z brite, reading, reefer madness, rent, reservoir dogs, robot chicken, rockabilly, rps, ryan ross, saw, sean biggerstaff, shoelaces, shopping, slash, slash fiction, sleeping, spencer smith, spiderman, spring awakening, stephen king, string cheese, swing, swing dance, synyster gates, taylor hawkins, texas chainsaw massacre, the black donnelly's, the prodigy, tim roth, tre cool, tyson ritter, uarts, vests, video games, volleyball, weed, wristcutters: a love story, writing

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