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Title: Brokeback (S/A)
Fandom: All Time Low (Crew and Band)
Author: [ profile] jabberwocky129 
Rating: NC-17, though, as most of my fics come, a soft one at that.
Warnings: Well, let's see here: voyeuristic type stuff...underage drinking...flannel...yeah, that about covers it.
Disclaimer: Does not own. Does not want to be sued. Kthx.
Pairing: Flyzik/Grieco, Jack/Alex
Plot: Grieco and Flyzik hook up during Alex and Rian’s Halloween party. Dressed as cowboys. Mmhm…Thanks, mah wahf, for the Brokeback idea.
Notes and Dedications: Sooo...I apologize if you like the movie Brokeback Mountain. I bawled my eyes out at it, but dude, there's just so much to use...   As for dedications, my loverly beta, ms. [info]katelynelaine  


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Title: A Shameless Use of Charm
Author: Zee a.k.a. [ profile] jabberwocky129 
Rating: NC-17, but really, more of a hard R
Pairing: Flyzik/Grieco
Summary: Grieco thinks Matt was hot in his Underscore days. Aaaand porn ensues.
Disclaimer: Don't own. Does not want to be sued. Kthxbai.
Dedications: My best friend and wifw, Lee, and of course, my Beta, the lovely [ profile] katelynelaine 
Author's Notes: I really really wanna thank whoever threw up that vid of Flyzik prancing, running around, screaming, flailing, and just being funny in general. And Grieco, 'cause the kid's a riot. Title credit goes to Everclear. Crossposted to [ profile] katelynelaine 


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